As a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in psychology, education, and counseling, I am dedicated to helping young people navigate the complexities of life during their formative years. Whether it's academic pressures, career choices, or personal development, I offer a supportive and confidential space where adolescents and young adults aged 14-24 can explore their concerns and discover their true potential.



Let me be your partner on this journey of personal growth and achievement. Together, we will develop a roadmap for success, unlocking your potential, and implementing strategies that optimize your productivity and fulfillment in every aspect of life.

Goal Setting and Time Management


I specialize in empowering you to navigate challenging situations, providing a supportive environment where you can express your concerns and find mutually beneficial resolutions.

Conflict Resolution


Discover the confidence and clarity to embrace this life's many transitions with my guidance and support. Together, we can explore new possibilities, find inner strength, and create a fulfilling future.

Life Changes


I can provide guidance and support in setting boundaries, cultivating self-worth, and using social media mindfully to enhance your well-being. Together, we'll explore strategies to prioritize your mental health, promote self-confidence, and maintain a balanced approach to social media usage.

Social Media


I provide a compassionate space where you can explore strategies, discover inner strength, and regain a sense of well-being. Together, we will navigate your journey toward healing and empower you to create a fulfilling and balanced life.

Anxiety and Depression


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